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Pacific Urethanes specialises in sustainable polyurethane solutions, aiming for net zero by 2050 with global partnerships enhancing industry impact

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Mining, Resources & Infrastructure

Mining, Resources & Infrastructure

Pacific Urethanes has an excellent range of high performance Polyurea and Polyurethane protective coating formulations.

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Building and Construction

Building & Construction

Pacific Urethanes is leading a campaign in the construction industry by providing environmentally friendly and energy efficient polyurethane solutions.

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Energy and Resources

Energy & Resources

Pacific Urethanes formulates UrePac® Cryo foam systems to be used in the manufacturing of thermal insulation of industrial pipes, tanks, vessels and equipment used in cryogenic applications.

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Advanced Manufacturing

Advanced Manufacturing

Pacific Urethanes collaborates with customers to engineer & manufacture polyurethane products & systems that suit individual needs & requirements.

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Check out our case studies to know more about our process, solutions and the value we add to our customers.

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Queensland Rail Bridge Deck

Bridge Deck Protection

Queensland Rail Bridge Deck

The Queensland Rail Bridge Deck project required specialised expertise to seal the leaking deck and provide long-term protection for both the concrete surface and substructure. Our solution allowed an extremely fast cure time to minimise downtime and quickly restore bridge functionality whilst providing long term protection.

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BHP Iron Ore Loadout Tunnel3

Corrosion Protection

BHP Billiton Iron Ore Loadout Tunnel

BHP Billiton required a long-term protection for an underground loadout tunnel structure, which involved safeguarding the structure and its steel reinforcements against the effects of subsurface water and leached minerals. 

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Residential Spray Foam2

Insulation For Cold Climates

Daylesford Home

The new Daylesford Architectural Home project required expertise spray foam insulation to enhance the building’s sustainability and comfort. The focus was on providing long-term insulation of the structure and reducing air leakage, which are essential for improving energy efficiency and maintaining consistent indoor temperatures throughout the year.

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Murray Shire Council Raw Water Tank

Corrosion Protection

Murray Shire Council Raw Water Tank

The Moama Raw Water Tank project for the Murray Shire Council demanded specialised expertise in refurbishment and corrosion protection. The initiative focused on providing long-term protection of the steel structure against chemical attacks, ensuring its durability and operational efficiency.

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Kookaburra case study image

Advanced Manufacturing

Kookaburra Hockey Ball

Kookaburra is the world’s largest supplier of cricket and hockey balls and now their Dimple Elite MK hockey balls will be used exclusively at the Rio Olympic Games. The ball features a specifically developed micro-foamed core co-developed by Kookaburra and Pacific Urethanes.

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Orange Hospital Helipad

Waterproofing & Wear Protection

Orange Base Hospital Critical Waterproofing

The Orange Base Hospital waterproofing project demanded expertise to achieve critical waterproofing and protection for the Greater Western Area Health Service. Key objectives included sealing the leaking deck and providing long-term protection of the concrete surface with a membrane impervious to water and jet fuel.

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Pacific Urethanes collaborates with global market leaders to provide a comprehensive range of polyurethane products and systems solutions.

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