Location & Job Details

  • Project: Daylesford New Architectural Home.
  • Applicator: Sprayfoam Solutions Pty Ltd
  • Product: AUSFOAM® 10
  • Completion: December 2014.
Residential Spray Foam3

On-site Requirements

  • Provide a product with a proven track record in spray foam insulation
  • Provide long term insulation of the structure
  • Reduce air leakage from the building.
Residential Spray Foam2

Product Requirements & Benefits

  • High R Values
  • Industry bodies report that up to 40% of heating and cooling costs can be attributed to air leakage
  • Ausfoam 10 is seamless and efficient at reducing air leakage
  • Thickness build is able to be changed dependent on R Value requirements
  • Noise reduction benefits.
Residential Spray Foam