Developing Solutions Tailor-Made To The Applications

Maximise System & Operational Efficiencies

Pacific Urethanes develops ideas and designs by collaborating with customers to engineer and manufacture polyurethane products and systems to suit their needs and requirements. We have the expertise to develop products and components for various advanced manufacturing demands.

Solutions Tailor-Made To The Applications

  • PIR
  • High-Performance Insulation Foams
  • High Resilience Flexible Foams
  • Memory Foams
  • Insulation Panels
  • Buoyancy Foams

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Why Pacific Urethanes Is Your Best Choice

Where Knowledge Meets Innovation

Our process, people, knowledge and experience minimises risks for manufacturers.

We look at our customers’ manufacturing processes and provide specialist advice

  • Our capability to develop unique solutions integrating in-house formulations as well as our partners’ solutions
  • We deliver operational efficiency to maximise their performance
  • We explore, design and provide technological solutions to meet unique and diverse application needs and requirements
  • We develop concepts for design and implementation

Risk Management

  • We minimise risks by having local support, expertise and experience and eliminate any potential issues
  • We minimise other risks associated with complex project requirements, leading to many performance criteria that often result in high risks

Our People

Our team comes with varied experiences and specialising in specific areas that with combined integration we deliver great value to our customers

Our Key Personnel

Owen New Market

Founder & Technical Director

Owen Stam

Founding Director of Pacific Urethanes with over 20 years of experience in polyurethane formulation. Has served clients in the Mining, Oil and gas, Automotive, and Building and construction industries.

Specialising in offering strategic solutions, working with local and international partners, and researching and developing innovative polyurethane formulations.

Matt New Market

National Sales Manager

Matt Slatyer

Sales executive with over 25 years of experience in global polyurethane and polyurea applications servicing the Mining and resources, Infrastructure, Oil and gas, Building and construction, and Advanced Manufacturing industries in Australia and New Zealand.

Specialising in offering strategic direction and solutions, integrating in-depth technical knowledge gained from diverse industries to deliver the best solutions to customers.


Lachlan New Market

Major Accounts Manager – OEM & Service

Lachlan Simpson

Major Account Manager with over 25 years of experience developing polyurethane applications for advanced manufacturing facilities in the Mining, Oil & Gas and Building & Construction industries in Australia and New Zealand.

Specialising in offering process design and continued operations of polyurethane equipment.

Our 5-Step Management Process

How We Deliver Our Promise

Our unique value propositions lie in our process and technical know-how.  We develop a systematic working relationship with our customers using a 5-Step Project Management Process to ensure successful implementation from start to finish.   We deliver innovative and unique solutions specific to meet their manufacturing requirements.

Site Audit

Our team of experts will conduct on-site audit to assess current product performance.

Technology Proposal

Our team will develop unique solutions specifying high-performing polyurethane technology that meets customers’ requirements.

Formulation Development

Our team of technical experts will develop solutions to deliver highest performance.

Testing On Site

Our team will test the products on site to ensure they meet customers’ specifications and perform to the specified standards.

Application Review

Our team will continue to invest in developing new and improved formulations to optimise output

Experts in developing innovative solutions

Maximising System & Operational Efficiencies

We collaborate with our customers and their engineering teams to develop manufacturing formulations for polyurethane products or systems that suit their specific needs and requirements.

Our solutions are catered for a wide range of advanced manufacturing in Australia, New Zealand and the Asia Pacific.

Advanced Manufacturing

Insulated Truck Body Manufacturers

Continuous panel and block foams

Other Foam Solutions

Appliance Systems Manufacturers

High insulation performance foams

Advanced Manufacturing

Composite Panels Manufacturers

High strength to weight ratio structural foams

Advanced Manufacturing

Cooler Box Insulations Manufacturers

High insulation performance foams

Other Foam Solutions

Boat and Marine Buoyancy Manufacturer

Buoyancy standard approved foams

Advanced Manufacturing

Office Furniture

High resilience flexible foams

Advanced Manufacturing

Panel Foams Manufacturing

Fire resistance polyurethane and PIR isocyanate foam

Other Foam Solutions

Insulated Pipe System

High insulation foams

Advanced Manufacturing

Special Effects – Material Manufacturing

Medium density foams

Case Studies / Referral Work

Complex Advanced Manufacturing Problems With Unique Solutions

Kookaburra case study image

Kookaburra Hockey Ball

Kookaburra is the world’s largest supplier of cricket and hockey balls. Their Dimple Elite MK hockey balls were used exclusively at the Rio Olympic Games. The ball featured a specifically developed micro-foamed core co-developed by Kookaburra and Pacific Urethanes.

Kookaburra worked closely with Pacific Urethanes to develop a PU solution that meets FIH’s stringent performance requirements and the expectations of the world’s best players. The Kookaburra Dimple Elite MK hockey ball is made of a golf-sized solid PU core wrapped in layers of cork and worsted yam to form a unique multi-layered quitted centre. A polymer casing is then injected and moulded around the centre to give the final product its renowned tracking dimpled appearance.

Pacific Urethanes based its formations on Dow Chemical polyurethane raw materials for this exacting application. In addition to the on-field performance requirements, elite players rely not just on sight but also on sound to judge the speed and trajectory of the ball when it is in play.

Pacific Urethanes worked with Kookaburra for over two years and developed 14 different formulations to achieve the successful Olympic-standard hockey ball. Pacific Urethanes and Kookaburra are very proud of their achievements in developing a world-class hockey ball that will be played on the world stage at the Rio Olympics.

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