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Kookaburra Hockey Balls at the 2016 Rio Olympics

Kookaburra is the world’s largest supplier of cricket and hockey balls and now their Dimple Elite MK hockey balls will be used exclusively at the Rio Olympic Games. The ball features a specially developed micro-foamed core co-developed by Kookaburra and Pacific Urethanes.

Kookaburra worked closely with Pacific Urethanes to develop a PU solution that meets the FIH’s stringent performance requirements and the expectations of the world’s best players. The Kookaburra Dimple Elite MK hockey ball is made of a golf ball sized solid PU core and then wrapped in layers of cork and worsted yarn to form a unique multi-layered quitted centre. A polymer casing is then injected moulded around the centre to give the final product it’s renowned tracking dimpled appearance.

Pacific Urethanes based their formations on Dow Chemical polyurethane raw materials for this exacting application. In addition to the on field performance requirements elite players rely not just on sight but the sound to judge the speed and trajectory of the ball when it is play.

Pacific Urethanes worked with Kookaburra for over two years and developed 14 different formations to achieve the successful Olympic standard hockey ball.
Pacific Urethanes and Kookaburra are very proud of their achievements in developing a world class hockey ball which will be in play on the world stage at the Rio Olympics.

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