Location & Job Details

Project: Iron Ore Loadout Tunnel.
Client: BHP Billiton Newman.
Product: POLYEURO® 5502F.
Volume: 6,000 litres.
Applicator: Asset Systems Pty Ltd.

BHP Iron Ore Loadout Tunnel3

On-site Requirements

  • Waterproofing and long term protection of the underground
    loadout tunnel structure.
  • Protect the structure and steel reinforcements from the effects
    of subsurface water and leached minerals/salts in the water.
  • The coating had to give a seamless application to the concrete
    and steel surface as well as the geo-textile fabric side liner.
BHP Iron Ore Loadout Tunnel1

Product Requirements & Benefits

  • Fast cure, tough, resilient and elastomeric.
  • Excellent waterproofing and chemical resistance properties to
    meet the potential exposure conditions over the expected in-
    service life of the product.
  • Seamless application of the coating system.
  • Abrasion and impact resistance to withstand iron ore being
    dropped back on the membrane – 160,000 tonnes of iron ore.
BHP Iron Ore Loadout Tunnel2