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Pacific Urethanes Announces Strategic Partnership With Nukote Coating Systems International

Pacific Urethanes is excited to announce its recent partnership with Nukote Coating Systems International (NCSI) to expand its asset protection range across multiple industries in Australia and New Zealand.

Australia-based polyurethane formulation specialists Pacific Urethanes has recently entered a ground-breaking strategic partnership with US-based Nukote Coating Systems International (NCSI). The collaboration marks a pivotal moment in asset protection solutions within the Australian and New Zealand markets for wear and corrosion-resistance materials, with Pacific Urethanes becoming the exclusive distributor of NCSI’s innovative Aegis liner and coatings technology.

NCSI is a global frontrunner specialising in advanced polymer coatings and liner products used in multiple industries, including infrastructure, mining, petrochemicals, power generation and water systems. NCSI’s products include pure polyureas, modified polyureas, polyurethanes and ceramic metal polymers. These products are engineered to cater to specific application needs, with primary objectives being to extend the life of assets in mining and infrastructure and offer exceptional wear and corrosion-resistance characteristics to enhance performance.

NCSI’s expertise in ultra-fast elastomeric products offers fast-setting solutions, unlike traditional coatings that may take hours or even days to set and cure. This means a rapid return to service for assets, reducing downtime and boosting productivity. NCSI technology also allows for the structural repair of liquid-holding assets such as tanks and pipelines, allowing asset owners to repair rather than replace worn or corroded assets.

Matthew Slatyer, National Sales Manager at Pacific Urethanes, explains that although this technology has been tried and tested to great effect in international markets, it is new to Australia and New Zealand. “The partnership will provide to existing and new customers all-new access to lining and coating systems that incorporate technology that has not been seen in Australia and New Zealand to date,” says Slatyer.

Nukote has vast project expertise globally, providing high-performance protective coating and structural liner products to a variety of key market segments, with its core focus on the structural rehabilitation and restoration of pipes, basins, and tanks. Nukote provides engineering design solutions and services for transportation, municipal, mining, petrochemical and industrial clients, working with them through every stage of the project: from concept to completion. Examples of historical project references for different applications – including their engineering and design specifications in different geographies and environmental conditions – can be obtained upon request at info@nukoteglobal.com.

“This collaboration between Nukote and Pacific Urethanes will provide a complete solution for our clients in Australia and New Zealand. Although we have had a strong presence in the region for the past 12 years, combining the strength of Nukote products, engineering and robotics with Pacific Urethanes’ extensive distribution, sales and technical support capabilities will greatly enhance our offering,” notes Michael Osborne, President and CEO of Nukote Coating Systems International.

Darren Millar, CEO at Pacific Urethanes, says, “This strategic partnership with Nukote is fundamental for our growth and vision of becoming the trusted partners in the industry in delivering complete solutions to our customers”.

A key long-term outcome envisioned from this partnership is the increased adoption of new technology, which Pacific Urethanes anticipates will drive further innovation in more sustainable solutions within the industries in which it operates. The partnership is also expected to drive significant market growth in key segments. “We look forward to working collaboratively with our partners, client base and asset owners to ensure a complete end-to-end solution”, concludes Slatyer.

For more information about this partnership and the innovative solutions it offers, please contact Matthew Slatyer at 0413 052 255 or matthew.slatyer@pacificurethanes.com.

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Pacific Urethanes is an Australian owned and operated company, established in 2008, with a strong presence across Australia and Asia. We have a depth of knowledge in polyurethane chemistry and application design, which allows us to develop sophisticated solutions for complex problems in diverse sectors. We show pride, passion and dedication in everything that we do. With our state-of-the-art R&D facility and team of highly experienced professionals, we are able to offer world class polyurethane systems & services to our customers.

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