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Designing The Perfect Product

Perfect Again is an Australian owned and operated company, set up by Julie Brand to develop a unique process and product for the manufacture of Breast Prostheses. Their team felt that current products in the market did not meet customers’ individual requirements. Julie envisaged a product that accommodates for the for size, fit, feel and comfort for each person.

Pacific Urethanes received an enquiry from Julie to help amend this issue. Our development chemists have, collectively, over 100 years of Polyurethane system development experience. We used our formulating expertise in conjunction with Perfect Again’s application requirements to find a solution which would make a meaningful difference to countless women.

The product was initially based on a self-skinning, low density flexible foam system with the idea of making the prosthesis in one process. However, after significant development this was found not to be a suitable approach.

A second development was then initiated to develop a soft, low density, low resilience flexible foam. This was achieved and proved suitable for application. However, the moulded surface of the foam did not have the required “skin feel” that Perfect Again were after.

Further development was then initiated, and through a significant amount of R&D, our chemists produced a soft elastic, castable elastomer that could be bonded to the flexible foam moulding to produce the final product. The final development gave a soft elastic, resilient, flexible elastomer which showed excellent adhesion to the foam substrate and therefore perfectly encapsulating Julie’s vision.

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Pacific Urethanes were delighted to support Perfect Again in their effort towards helping countless women across Australia. It is a heart-warming experience knowing we are helping to make a true difference in people’s lives.

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