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The Magic of Polyurethanes

It is likely you encounter polyurethane every day without even realizing it. From shoes and skateboard wheels to chair cushions and refrigerators; the applications of this material are practically endless. But what makes this material so special?

Polyurethane is an incredibly versatile polymer. It was originally formulated in 1937 by Otto Bayer in Germany and was first used on a large scale in WWII, to replace the shortage of rubber. Since that time, it has undergone many developments and has found applications in many industries.

The brilliance of polyurethane is the variety of ways in which it can be formulated. The selection of raw materials and additives allow for a wide diversity of products and process methods. These changes can vary the speed of the reaction from seconds to hours, allowing for a vast range of applications. Simple yet crucial modifications such as these can be the difference between making the insulation in your walls to the chair in your office.

One of the more noticeable applications of polyurethane are rigid foam systems which have highly insulative properties. This means that thin, lightweight polyurethane panels can provide the same, or even greater levels of insulation than the likes of fiberglass and expanded polystyrene, whilst being much slimmer. This makes polyurethane ideal for refrigerators, cold stores, trucks and buildings – if the insulation is more effective, the walls can be thinner, providing a greater area of usable space.

Polyurethane is much more than just insulation. There are coatings, elastomers, binding agents, cryogenic and flexible foams. Every formulation offers unique characteristics and benefits, allowing for effective solutions across many industries.

Pacific Urethanes has world class chemists to formulate the type of polyurethane that provides the best solution for you.

About Pacific Urethanes

Pacific Urethanes is an Australian owned and operated company, established in 2008, with a strong presence across Australia and Asia. We have a depth of knowledge in polyurethane chemistry and application design, which allows us to develop sophisticated solutions for complex problems in diverse sectors. We show pride, passion and dedication in everything that we do. With our state-of-the-art R&D facility and team of highly experienced professionals, we are able to offer world class polyurethane systems & services to our customers.

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