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We are investing in our future!

We are investing in our future! Proudly Australian!

Partnerships between universities and industry have given life to many blockbuster discoveries over the years.

University-industry collaboration requires careful management and may bring many benefits. These include a two-way flow of ideas: new concepts flow out to industry and may also be in-bound to fuel research questions. Sometimes technical problems experienced at the cutting-edge of practice lead to new questions for science.

Technology transfer from university to industry is not a one-size-fits-all scenario. Sometimes research occurs in the university and is then commercialised by business. Other times commercialisation begins during the research phase.

Here at Pacific Urethanes we are participating in specific and unique collaborations with four major universities around Australia.

Here is a brief overview at some of the collaborative relationships and the University/Industry partnership development and programs:

University One

  • Collaboration with Infrastructure engineering researchers to develop a “Porous Pavement” using recycled car tyre rubber and recycled stone with an advanced Pacific Urethanes binder system.
  • Collaboration with materials engineering researchers to develop a non-flammable core material for high rise building cladding panels. The material was required to pass AS 1530 Part 1 test. This project is still ongoing at RMIT.


University Two

  • High rise building cladding panel core development to produce a non-burning, lightweight core that bonds strongly to Aluminium and other light metal facings.
  • Collaboration with Defence Industries (AADI) and RMIT to develop a ceramifyable elastomeric coating that will protect military and civil structures from a range of fires from Cellulosic to Hydrocarbon fires. The resulting elastomer must have good high temperature heat resistance and heat transfer with low or no flame spread.
  • Consultation regarding suitable materials for the development of a high UV resistant armoured glass for military transport vehicles


University Three

  • Graduate recruitment programme. Pacific Urethanes has helped a number of graduates to secure permanent jobs in the chemical industry by hosting short (80 hour) laboratory experience programs for final year students.
  • Pacific Urethanes has provided full time employment for two graduates from this program


University Four

  • Collaboration with Infrastructure Engineering Department and Polyurethane processors to develop solutions to remediate high rise buildings cladded with flammable materials.


Universities, Industry & Society:
Collaborations Providing Significant Benefits

The engagement between academic research faculty and industry is becoming a common pathway for research and commercialisation.