Products made from polyurethane are remarkably versatile as they can range from rigid to flexible, solid to lightweight foams. Polyurethanes are all around us, playing a vital role in many industries. From ship building to footwear, construction to automotive, they appear in an astonishing variety of forms. A variety that is ever increasing.

  • Unrivalled Insulating Values

  • Exceptional Abrasion Resistance
  • Superior Adhesion
  • High Sound and Energy Absorption
  • Low Part Weights

These are some of the unique properties that our customers take advantage of, when manufacturing with polyurethane systems.

The following section presents a brief summary of a range of applications and typical properties that can be achieved:

Rigid Foams

UrePac Rigid foams range from low density, suitable for insulation application to high density, suitable for structural components. Our rigid foams are widely accepted by industry for their excellent insulation values and high strength to weight properties.

Pacific Urethanes Products - Rigid Foams
Pacific Urethanes Products - Cryogenic Products

Cryogenic Products

Pacific Urethanes has a strong history in the supply of products to the Liquefied Natural Gas industry for cryogenic applications. From high density structural foams for pipe supports to low density insulation foams for vales and flanges, our products meet all of the stringent global specifications for cryogenic applications.


Flexible Foams

Flexible foams range in densities similar to rigid foams but are used for applications such as mattresses, pillows, flexible filters, head rests, sound absorption and shoe soles to name a few. Integral skins are a special type of flexible foam which forms a tough elastomeric membrane surrounding a low density foam core. These are used for steering wheels, spa head rests, and automotive dashboard products.

Pacific Urethanes Products - Flexible Foam
Pacific Urethanes Products - Elastomer


Elastomers are solid urethane components which offer excellent flexibility, elasticity, chemical and abrasion resistant properties. They can also range from very soft (fishing lures, gel cushions), to very hard (golf ball covers, RIM bumper bars, bone models).


Single Component

Single component urethanes are widely used in the adhesive coating and sealant industries. They offer exceptional adhesion to a variety of substrates, good chemical and abrasion resistance as well as being strong and flexible. Polyurethane adhesives are used in the rubber crumb binder; carpet underlay binder, automotive interiors, windshield bonding and as textile laminates.

Pacific Urethanes Products - Single Component

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