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Mining Industry

Pacific Urethanes polyurethane formulations are used in the protection of:

  • Metal Walls, Floors and Roof Decks

  • Steel Structures

  • Rail Carts and Wear Protection

  • Sludge Processing/Slurry Tanks, Clarifiers and Pipelines

  • Silos, Chutes, Hoppers, Classifier and Shaker Screens

  • Roller and Belt Protection

  • Truck and Equipment Bed Liners

  • Evaporation Pit and Earthen Containment Liners

  • Interior and Exterior Protection of Steel and Concrete Tanks

  • Above and Below Ground – Pipe and Tank Encapsulation

  • Secondary Containment Liners for Spill Protection

  • Evaporation Pit

  • Earthen Containment Liners

  • Non-Skid and Corrosion Resistant Flooring, Walls and Roof

Mining is a fundamental part of the Australian economy, with varying levels of risks and requirements associated with each individual site. Because of the complexity of these sites, the right materials and experts must be carefully selected to ensure the mines are running at the optimal levels of safety and efficiency.

Pacific Urethanes’ team of industry experts have many years of experience supplying polyurethane to a number of industries, mining among them. They are experts of their craft and with our team of brilliant chemists, can quickly find the solution to any problem your site may have.

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Why Polyurethanes?

High Performance | Corrosion Resistant | Abrasion Resistant | Waterproofing | Long-Term Asset Protection

Polyurethane solutions provides flexible, durable, unbroken membranes across an extensive range of water, chemical and abrasive environments.

Polyurethane is a highly versatile polymer, formed by the combination of two chemicals, polyol and isocyanate. Being able to mix the ratios of these chemicals, plus the addition of catalysts, is what makes polyurethane so versatile. What really makes polyurethane stand out though, are its properties given this versatility. This is what makes polyurethane an unparalleled choice when considering both safety and efficiency for your mining site.

Developed through extensive research and testing procedures, high-performance polyurea and hybrid systems provide flexible, durable, unbroken membranes in the harsh conditions of mining and across an extensive range of water, chemical and abrasive environments.

Fast Setting Polyurethane Formulations
Rapid Return To Service - Polyurethane Formulations
VOC - Polyurethane Formulations

The durability of Pacific Urethanes protective coating systems represents high economic value. Pacific Urethanes’ polyurethane coatings provide high levels of corrosion protection combined with high levels of wear resistance that provides protection and extend the asset life. Ultimately this will result in substantial cost savings in the long term, reduction to service times, and minimal wear and tear regardless of the environment they are used in or operation they are designed for.




The Challenge

The project required the construction of seven carbon‐in‐leach tanks. The challenge for Pacific Urethanes was to deliver the following polyurethane system which would

  • Utilise a lining system that resists a highly abrasive and corrosive chemical environment
  • Allow for a quick turn around and start-up of the plant. The lining of the tanks was one of the last contracts of the project in the construction phase
  • Provide long term protection of the structure


Pacific Urethanes are proud partners of Polycoat Products, one of the world leaders in polyurethane, polyurea, and polyaspartic coatings. As such we are in the optimal position to provide your site with world-class brands under one umbrella, rapidly offering new solutions to the market, and meeting the ever-changing industry performance requirements. With our formulation and application expertise, combined with Polycoat’s exceptional product range, we can offer the correct solution for any problem.