Cryogenic Polyurethane Foams

UrePac® Cryo is our range of products suitable for cryogenic LNG applications. UrePac® Cryo is independently tested to specifications and our LNG products are utilised on a global scale.

Why Cryogenic Foams?
LNG is a safe, low cost, clean-burning fuel in comparison to traditional oil-derived fuels.

Typical Applications

  • LNG Applications
  • High Density Foam suitable for structural foams for pipe supports
  • Low Density Foam suitable for insulation of pipes, valves and flanges from spray applied to injection grades


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    Types of Cryogenic Products

    This product list is a typical example of the cryogenic foams supplied in these applications. If you require any polyurethane systems not listed please contact our specialists to discuss your requirements further.

    Product Code Application TDS SDS(GHS)
    UrePac Cryo 90 420 High Density structural foam for cryogenic pipe supports UrePac Cryo 90 420 SDS Urepac Cryo 90 420 Polyol
    UrePac Active 274 Concentrated activator blend for producing UrePac Cryo 90 420 in export markets See UrePac Cryo 90 420 SDS Urepac 274 Activator
    UrePac Cryo 65 55 1:1 Injection foam for valves and flanges. UrePac Cryo 65 55 SDS Urepac Cryo 60 55 Polyol
    UrePac Cryo 3 75 Fast reacting spray foam for rotational insulation of LNG pipes UrePac Cryo 3 75 SDS Urepac Cryo 3 75 Polyol
    UrePac Cryo 12 45 Ribbon cast foam for rotational insulation of LNG pipework Urepac Cryo 12 45 SDS Urepac Cryo 12 45 Polyol
    UrePac Cryanate 4.5 PIR block foam for LNG applications UrePac Cryanate 4.5 SDS Urepac Cryanate 4.5 Polyol