The MultiPanel Polyurethane Composite Building Panel System

The MultiPanel polyurethane product is an exceptional rigid polyurethane foam, specifically developed by Pacific Urethanes.

Their production Manager Peter Bell Manager presented Pacific Urethanes with a number of technical challenges which included the following requirements;

  • Excellent flow capable of filling moulds 1200 x 2400 mm to produce moulded sheets with thicknesses varying from 8 to 30mm
  • Even density distribution throughout the moulded sheet
  • No air entrapment within the foam and over the surface of the moulding
  • Fast demould time
  • High Compressive Strength in excess of 2.0 MPa
  • Fire Retardency to ISO 3582 and AS 1530 part 3 using non – corrosive fire retardant additives
  • High Closed Cell Content making it 100% waterproof

Multipanel is a revolutionary, high density, polyurethane composite building panel that is super lightweight, 100% waterproof, eco-friendly and highly versatile.

Pacific Urethanes News - MultipanelThe panel has a unique strength of 210kg/m3 making it stronger than traditional foam cores. It can also be thermoformed to create compound curves making it ideal for complex designs and superior to traditional building materials.

MultiPanel is up to 70% lighter than traditional sheeting products, easy to glue or screw and has excellent insulation and acoustic properties. These benefits allow limitless design applications for both interior and exterior projects.

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