Polycoat Products

Polycoat Products has emerged the industry leader in high-performance castable polyurethane elastomers and prepolymers over nearly forty years of innovation in the lab. They specialise in providing high quality products with the quality hallmark of ISO 9001:2015 for the demanding customer base in a variety of industries.

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They have over 300,000 square feet of manufacturing space across six chemical facilities in three strategic locations across the United States to store and manufacturing large volumes. Polycoat ship premium products globally and welcome inquires for private label and toll- blending opportunities. Their coatings are found in world landmarks, stadiums, resorts, luxury residential living, and other high-profile projects. Our Dallas, Texas facility alone houses 44 reactors with the ability to manufacture batch sizes that range from 50-6000 gallon. This manufacturing facility is also ISO 9001:2015 compliant, illustrating our commitment to producing consistently premium products.

Product Innovations

Product formulations are carefully invented and tested to meet national and international stringent standards. Many of our coatings are single-bucket formulations, which reduces the potential for application errors on the job site. Providing user-friendly products is part of the planning when creating product innovations. VOC compliance is also an important component of every product manufactured. Variable VOC systems provides an edge in meeting standards that may be necessary on environmentally-friendly projects.

Storied Quality

Our focus is not just manufacturing many products. We invest time and research in formulating cost-competitive solutions for your construction needs. Whether industrial, residential, or commercial applications, our products have a range of chemical and physical properties to accommodate project requirements. Our chemistry team’s extensive research and development efforts provide solutions for any type of specialized application.

Unprecedented Service

Customer satisfaction is central to our core mission of providing stellar service and dependable, premium products. Feel confident in the knowledge that the seasoned veterans who comprise our team understand the difference between board room plans and the realities out in the field. We have been known fly out to job sites to lend expertise and provide customer support in real time.

Industrial Coatings - Spray Elastomers

Strong leadership, pioneering technology and innovation has resulted in many of the patented coating applications you see in the market today. With our strong R&D, state-of-the-art manufacturing plant and quality control procedures, we produce a wide variety of proprietary single-plural component, aromatic-aliphatic polyurea-polyurethane (PU-PUR) coatings designed to protect and waterproof many different types of substrates running the gamut of harsh environmental and service conditions.

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Specialty Coatings - Waterproofing

For over three decades, Polycoat Products has been a leading manufacturer of high performance polyurethane and polyurea coatings. This pioneering technology and innovation has resulted in some of the most well respected coating systems in the industry. Our unmatched R&D, streamlined manufacturing and quality control practices have enabled Polycoat Products to become the market leader in waterproofing coatings and systems. Polycoat Products has the proven coating solutions for contractors, architects and specifiers.

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