Ceram Polymerik

Ceram Polymerik Pty Ltd is an advanced technology company developing ceramifiable polymer materials for the $15 billion global passive fire protection market.

In 2013 Pacific Urethanes purchased Ceram Polymerik and is actively developing new and exciting applications for the technology.

The core technology evolved from research by the Cooperative Research Centre for Polymers. It has been successfully commercialised by Nexans (formerly Olex Cables) and sold under their trade name Alsecure® Premium Ceramifiable cable.

  • The cable is flexible under normal conditions but forms a protective ceramic barrier when exposed to heat and fire. The cable is able to conduct electricity even after two hours at 1000º C.
  • With more stringent fire regulations, materials incorporating Ceram Polymerik technology are able to replace existing fire barrier components thus providing a safer built environment. New and safer building systems are now possible with this new technology.
  • Passive fire protection systems using this breakthrough technology offers added personal safety and a reduction in fire damage to buildings and their contents. This allows rescue and emergency services to undertake their work in a more controlled environment.

Ceram Polymerik is working with passive fire protection and building industry companies worldwide to develop the use of this new and exciting innovative technology.

The technology is covered by a number of patents. Ongoing research and development is being undertaken and further patents are expected to result in new ceramifying technology.