Peter Brooksbank

Peter Brooksbank has been Chairman of the Board of Directors for Pacific Urethanes since its founding in 2008 and has over 55 of experience in manufacturing industry.

He began his career with ICI Australia (now Orica Ltd), working in operations research, paints, fibres, industrial explosives, plastics and polyurethanes both in Australia and the UK.

In 1994, Mr.Brooksbank became Commercial Director of Huntsman Chemical Australia, a global chemicals company. In 1996, he was appointed the Australian Managing Director of Antah Holdings, Malaysia. In 1999, he became a shareholder and Managing Director of Marplex, an engineering polymers company, ultimately sold in 2004 to Orica. He is currently Deputy Chairman of Price Plastics Pty. Ltd.

He also served on the board of PACIA (now Chemistry Australia) for many years.

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