Location & Job Details

  • Project: Jewel Wentworth Point.
    Critical waterproofing and protection.
    Luxury Residential Apartment Development.
  • Client: Payce Consolidated Limited
  • Applicator: All Seasons Waterproofing Australia.
  • Product: AUSPRAY® WP11 + Polyglaze 100C Topcoat.
  • Completion: December 2014.
Wentworth Point3

On-site Requirements

  • Provide a rapid cure competitively priced membrane.
  • Provide long term protection of the structure.
  • Exhibit superior bond to the substrate.
  • Provide a seamless membrane to the decks, podium slabs, tanking and planter boxes.
  • Withstand bobcat and trade traffic during the construction phase.
Wentworth Point2

Product Requirements & Benefits

  • Proven track record in waterproofing projects.
  • Fast cure, tough, resilient and elastomeric.
  • Low permeability. •
  • Seamless application of the coating system to all areas specified in the project.
Wentworth Point1