Location & Job Details

Project: Cowangs Semi Underground Potable Water Storage
Repair and Protection of Reservoir Number 2.
Client: Golden Fields Water.
Product: POLYEURO® 5502F.
Area: 2,000 square metres.
Applicator: CRS Pty Ltd.
Completion: July 2006.

Golden Fields Water Potable Water Tank3

On-site Requirements

  • Stop water penetration / leakage from the concrete water storage reservoir.
  • Provide long term protection of the concrete structure.
  • Exhibit superior bond to the substrate.
  • Provide a seamless coating to the tank walls, floor and roof supports
Golden Fields Water Potable Water Tank2

Product Requirements & Benefits

  • Proven track record in potable water projects
  • Fast cure , tough, resilient and elastomeric
  • Potable Water Approval – AS/NZS 4020 : 2005
  • Seamless application of the coating system to the walls, and roof supports.
  • Specialised priming system to seal the porous concrete structure and enable a pinhole free coating.
  • Low temperature application
Golden Fields Water Potable Water Tank