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Happy Horses at the Queanbeyan Racing Club Using Our Specifically Formulated Insulation

The Queanbeyan Racing Club, a historic 1860’s racing club, had a situation they needed a solution for.

They noticed that their racehorses were slipping on dew, in the stable yard. Realising that this was due to condensation dripping from the roof because of the extreme fluctuation of the temperatures inside the stables, they knew it was a problem they needed to solve.

The Queanbeyan Racing Club approached Jeremy Watson, the Owner of Alexander Watson Insulation, to help them find a solution as the situation was hazardous to the racehorses but also to the jockeys and stable hands.

Jeremy Watson who runs the family owned Alexander Watson Insulation business, was more than happy to sit down with the racing club to find out exactly what the solution would be.

Being a specialist in the installation industry for over 13 years, specifically for commercial and residential properties, in Canberra and surrounding regions, Jeremy put his expertise to good use. Alexander Watson Insulation pride themselves on delivering outstanding quality and service to their clients, and this situation was no exception. Using his industry experience, Jeremy executed a detailed examination of the stable and advised the racing club, that Pacific Urethanes were the answer and by using their High Fire Retardant spray foam, Urepac Rigid 3 34 FR (Ausfoam30), it would not only stop the condensation, but provide the horses with insulation during the bitterly cold months in Canberra and the scorching hot temperatures during the summer period.

Jeremy explained that – Urepac Rigid 3 34 FR (Ausfoam30) is a low density rigid polyurethane spray foam specifically formulated to provide a highly Flame Retarded Spray Foam System. This system has the appropriate CSIRO testing certification of AS/NZS 3837:1988 and was given a Group 2 Classification, under Specification A2.4 of the building code of Australia. It also achieved the AS/NZS 1530 Part 3 fire index test. In addition, this system has an R value of 2.0 when spray applied at 50mm thickness, which is exactly what the race club was looking for.

After the consultation and installation, the owner of the stable yard, Lynne McWilliam, was not only happy with the staff and the work completed by Alexander Watson Insulation, she found the effect of the insulation as amazing, both in the temperature of the stables, and the illumination effect of the white foam.

Happy horses, for a job well done!

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