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Enviro Rubber Paving The Way

(A close up of an Enviro Rubber speed hump)

Pacific Urethanes working with Enviro Rubber on refining the adhesive binding system.

Enviro Rubber is an Australian company which has been operating for over 20 years. They are passionate about the importance of recycling. 100% of their products are manufactured from recycled rubber tyres. The malleability of rubber enables it to be moulded to many shapes and sizes with varying densities. This allows for a great variety of products such as speed bumps, wheelchair ramps, and anti-fatigue matting.

A close up of an Enviro Rubber anti fatigue mat with Pacific Urethanes binding system.

When Enviro Rubber reached out to Pacific Urethanes for help with their product requirements, we were happy to assist. The rubber granules they use to make their range of products requires an adhesive to bind them together in the shape they desire. The binder system they were using at the time was not clear of colour. This resulted in discolouration of the product upon curing.

We worked towards alleviating this problem by working closely with their technical team to fully understand their requirements. Once our technical specialists were satisfied they had all the required information, they began working towards an appropriate formulation at Pacific Urethanes’ development centre. The colour, consistency, hardness and cure all had to meet Enviro Rubbers’ exact specifications.

Our chemists were able to accomplish this feat by progressively refining the formulation until it met the required specification.

Enviro Rubber are now using our binder system for their product range, and we couldn’t be happier to work alongside such an environmentally minded company.

About Pacific Urethanes

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