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Partnerships between universities and industry have given life to many blockbuster discoveries over the years.

University-industry collaboration requires careful management and may bring many benefits. These include a two-way flow of ideas: new concepts flow out to industry and may also be in-bound to fuel research questions. Sometimes technical problems experienced at the cutting-edge of practice lead to new questions for science.

Technology transfer from university to industry is not a one-size-fits-all scenario. Sometimes research occurs in the university and is then commercialised by business. Other times commercialisation begins during the research phase.

Here at Pacific Urethanes we are participating in specific and unique collaborations with four major universities around Australia.

Here is a brief overview at some of the collaborative relationships and the University/Industry partnership development and programs:

Universities, Industry & Society:
Collaborations Providing Significant Benefits

The engagement between academic research faculty and industry is becoming a common pathway for research and commercialisation.

Pacific Urethanes are the Polyurethane Formulation Specialists.

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