The Second Pillar: Customised Development

At Pacific Urethanes we take the time to listen and understand our customers’ challenges, to develop solutions which are designed for their specific product environment. Our formulation specialists have a state of the art development laboratory and testing facilities. This ensures our product development capability meets the most exacting specifications. Our aim is to commercialise these products in the shortest possible time.

An exciting new project for Pacific Urethanes was the development of special formulations for the The Kookaburra™ Polyurethane Cricket Ball.

High performance Cricket Balls have been produced in the same way for over 100 years. The process is slow and labor intensive making the product expensive and difficult to produce in large volumes.

The performance of the ball is strongly influenced by the thickness and quality of the leather outer, along with the balance and density distribution of the inner and the weight of the ball itself.

Pacific Urethanes Customised Development
The Kookaburra™ “Special” cricket ball was made possible by the development of a flexible Polyurethane microcellular foam custom formulated by Pacific Urethanes.

The Kookaburra™ ball consists of a two-piece leather shell of consistent weight and thickness with an expanding UrePac™ Flex Polyurethane microcellular foam injected into the leather shell and allowed to expand and fill the void cavity. The microcellular foam is formulated using the latest polyether MDI technology to produce a foam that will achieve the Kookaburra™ specified performance characteristics.

Extensive testing and formulation development was required to achieve a foam that gave an even density distribution throughout the ball along with positive adhesion to the leather substrate. More detailed testing was carried out by Kookaburra™ to initiate further foam development to give the ball the required bounce and resilience, recoil from the bat and performance in flight.

The final ball must retain its shape and bounce after rigorous impact testing to simulate conditions it would be exposed to when used in eighty overs of cricket.

Pacific Urethanes are the Polyurethane Formulation Specialists.

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