Pacific Urethanes distributes the HENNECKE range of ‘in plant’ equipment in Australia and New Zealand. HENNECKE is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of polyurethane dispensing machines and manufacturing plants.

For over 50 years HENNECKE has been offering its customers integrated production solutions for processing polyurethane.

The HENNECKE product portfolio includes efficient polyurethane metering machines using both high and low pressure technology, as well as the world’s largest range of plants for producing sandwich panels.



Impact™ Low Pressure Machines

HENNECKE’s low pressure machines are sold under the Impact™ trade name. They are self-contained, simple, user friendly and low cost entry machine into manufacturing polyurethane systems. The Impact™ range of low pressure machines efficiently and effectively monitor and control all the variables of polyurethane production.

Ecoplus™ High Pressure Machines

OMS’s high pressure machines are sold under the Ecoplus™ trade name, and are the highest standard in polyurethane dispensing equipment. These machines also monitor and control all of the production variables similar to the low pressure machines, however the mixing of components is carried out by high pressure impingement mixing.

Pentafoam™ High Pressure Machines

Pentafoam™ high pressure machines are specifically manufactured to safely handle and blend pentane blowing agent into the rigid foam system inside sealed cabinets with safety alarms. There is also an option to have the pentane metered directly to the mix head.

EL/CAL Elastomer Machines

The EL/CAL Elastomer machines have been specifically designed to handle the production of high performance cast elastomer systems, which are generally highly viscous and need to be handled at high temperatures. They can be supplied with a number of different options such as vacuum degassing, automatic filling, 3 components for multiple hardness, separate colour units, stainless steel tanks etc. These machines can also come in a number of different outputs to suit any production requirement.

Continuous Panel Lines

OMS is the world’s largest supplier of machinery for the manufacture of continuous panel. Their OMS Automation division employs industry specialists who define, design and manufacture custom made handling systems.

HENNECKE pays particular attention to environmental issues, technical innovation, cost effective solutions, product quality and quality control standards.

Their product range covers both high and low pressure machines, hydraulic presses, standard and specially designed turn-key plants for all various applications including domestic and industrial appliances, continuous and discontinuous sandwich panel lines, foam block plants, automotive, filters, elastomers and TPU.

HENNECKE machines and plants are available in Australia and New Zealand from Pacific Urethanes at very competitive prices.