Rigid Foams – UrePac® Rigid

Rigid Foams UrePac® Rigid products can range from low density foams (10-100kg/m3) for insulation applications to high density foams (101-1000kg/m3) for structural components. Why Rigid Foams? UrePac® Rigid foams are widely acknowledged for their excellent insulation values, energy efficiency and high strength to weight properties. Typical Applications Low-density [...]

Cryogenic Products – UrePac® Cryo

Cryogenic Polyurethane Foams UrePac® Cryo is our range of products suitable for cryogenic LNG applications. UrePac® Cryo is independently tested to specifications and our LNG products are utilised on a global scale. Why Cryogenic Foams? LNG is a safe, low cost, clean-burning fuel in comparison to traditional oil-derived fuels. [...]

Polyurethane Equipment – Machinery, Sales & Service

Polyurethane Equipment - Machinery, Sales & Service Pacific Urethanes Offers a Comprehensive Range of Polyurethane Equipment and Service. We have machinery specialists that have worked with polyurethanes equipment and chemistry for over 20 years. Pacific Urethanes one stop service includes advice as to the optimal machine for your application, initial supply and [...]

Spray Elastomers – Polycoat

WORLD-CLASS TECHNOLOGIES High Performance Spray Elastomers Polycoat Products is a leading manufacturer of customised, high-performance Polyurea and Polyurethane coatings which have proven performance over 20 years. Developed through extensive research and testing procedures, the company’s elastomer offerings are designed to suit various industries and performance criteria. Their coating solutions are designed with the [...]

Elastomers – UrePac® Cast

Elastomers UrePac® Cast UrePac® Cast elastomers are cold-processed elastomers and can be developed to suit hand mixing and machine dispensing applications. Why Elastomers? Elastomers can produce products with high elasticity or rigidity, excellent abrasion resistance, high tensile strength, high resilience, excellent chemical resistance and low-temperature resistance. Typical Applications [...]

Flexible Foams – UrePac® Flex

Flexible Foams UrePac® Flex foams are versatile polymers found in a variety of everyday products. From the Automotive to Furniture industries, these systems provide durable solutions for comfort, aesthetics, packaging and sound reduction. Why Flexible Foams? Flexible foams are in a wide variety of products due to their unique [...]

Single Component – UrePac® Bond

Single Component UrePac® Bond systems offer unique characteristics in the adhesive industry to the wide variation in physical properties that can be achieved. Why Single Component? Polyurethane adhesives offer exceptional adhesion to a variety of substrates, good chemical and abrasion resistance as well as being strong and flexible due [...]

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