Polyurethane Equipment

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Pacific Urethanes Offers a Comprehensive Range of Polyurethane Equipment and Service. Pacific Urethanes is a distributor for Graco Equipment. Graco are worldwide specialists in fluid handling offering the next generation of contractor equipment for spray foam, polyurea and other on-site applications...

Single Component

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UrePac® Bond. Polyurethane adhesives offer exceptional adhesion to a variety of substrates, good chemical and abrasion resistance as well as being strong and flexible.


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UrePac® Cast elastomers can be developed to suit hand mixing and machine dispensing applications. They can produce products with high elasticity or rigidity, excellent abrasion resistance...

Flexible Foams

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UrePac® Flex Flexible foams are in a wide variety of products due to their unique properties and range of densities. These include mattresses, pillows, flexible filter gaskets, head rests, sound absorption and shoe soles.

Cryogenic Products

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UrePac® Cryo is our range of products suitable for the cryogenic LNG applications. Pacific Urethanes has a long history in the supply of high density foams for pipe support applications, in all of the standard densities from 160kg/m3 up to 500kg/m3.

Rigid Foams

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UrePac® Rigid products can range from low density foams (10-100kg/m3) for insulation applications to high density foams (101-1000kg/m3) for structural components...

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