The First Pillar: Advanced Technology

Pacific Urethanes has a global network of suppliers at the forefront of polyurethane technology. Our relationship with them keeps us at the cutting edge with new products, processes and applications.

Our formulating expertise enables us to translate these advances in raw materials development into improved products. This means our customers remain technically competitive in their application areas.

At Pacific Urethanes we are focussed on delivering Advanced Polyurethane Technology to our customers.

The experienced technical team at Pacific Urethanes is highly competent in the development and application of world class polyurethane systems.

We are the Polyurethane Formulation Specialists.

Pacific Urethanes – Celebrating 10 Successful Years in the Polyurethane Industry in Australia, New Zealand and ASEAN countries.

The Pacific Urethanes capability proposition is founded on three pillars.

Pacific Urethanes - Customised Development

Customised Development

At Pacific Urethanes we take the time to listen and understand our customers’ challenges, to develop solutions which are designed for their specific product environment..

Pacific Urethanes - Application Experience

Pacific Urethanes has an experienced team of professionals in polyurethane application know-how for production and on-site processing environments…