Thermoplastic Polyurethanes (TPU)

Pacific Urethanes is the exclusive Australian distributor for Austin’s range of Texalan™ range of thermoplastic urethanes. TPU is suitable for injection and extrusion machines and produce products with high elasticity, excellent abrasion resistance, high tensile strength, excellent oil resistance and low temperature resistance. Typical examples of products made from these materials include mining screens, animal ear tags, tactile markers and industrial hoses.

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Product CodeDetailsHardness (Shore)TDSMSDS
100 SeriesPTMEG based TPU for Injection and extrusion70'A - 64'D100 SERIES100 SERIES MSDS
200 SeriesPolycaprolactone based TPU for Injection and extrusion80'A - 72'D200 SERIES200 SERIES MSDS
300 SeriesLow melting point hotmelt adhesive97'A300 SERIES300 SERIES MSDS
400 SeriesHigh melting point hotmelt adhesive75'A - 85'A400 SERIES400 SERIES MSDS
600 SeriesPolyester based TPU for Extrusion70'A - 64'D600 SERIES600 SERIES MSDS
700 seriesPolyester based TPU for Injection70'A - 64'D700 SERIES700 SERIES MSDS
800 seriesPolyester based TPU for film80'A - 95'A800 SERIES800 SERIES MSDS
900 seriesPolyester based TPU for blow moulding.85'A - 92'A900 SERIES900 SERIES MSDS