Flexible Foams

This product list is a typical example of flexible foams supplied in these applications. If you require any polyurethane systems not listed please contact our specialists to discuss your requirements further.

 UrePac® Flex

Flexible foams are in a wide variety of products due to their unique properties and range of densities. These include mattresses, pillows, flexible filter gaskets, head rests, sound absorption and shoe soles. Integral skins are a special type of flexible foam which forms a tough elastomeric membrane surrounding a low density foam core. Steering wheels, spa head rests, and automotive dashboards are all examples of flexible foam applications.
Flexible Foams

Product CodeApplicationTDSMSDS
UrePac Flex 12 50High resilience Moulded foamUrePac Flex 12 50MSDS Urepac Flex 12 50 Polyol
UrePac Flex 25 65Extended cream time HR moulded foamUrePac Flex 25 65MSDS Urepac Flex 25 65 Polyol
UrePac Flex 15 90Noise vibration and harshness (NVH) FoamUrePac Flex 15 90MSDS Urepac Flex 15 90 Polyol
UrePac Flex 30 100General purpose Integral skin foamUrePac Flex 30 100MSDS Urepac Flex 30 100 Polyol
UrePac Flex 60 130Extended cream time Integral skin.UrePac Flex 60 130MSDS Urepac Flex 60 130 Polyol
UrePac Flex 22 390Water blown integral skinUrePac Flex 22 390MSDS Urepac Flex 22 390 Polyol
UrePac Flex 25 185Microcellular flexible foamUrePac Flex 25 185MSDS Urepac Flex 25 185 Polyol
UrePac Flex 10 46Viscoelastic (memory)moulding foamUrePac Flex 10 46 VEFMSDS Urepac Flex 10 46 Polyol
UrePac Flex 16 50High performance memory foamUrePac Flex 16 50MSDS Urepac Flex 16 50 Polyol