Pacific Urethanes has a strong emphasis on Technical Competence

Pacific Urethanes was established with a strong emphasis on superior Technical Capability. The acquisition of Australian Urethane Systems polyurethane business will further add to our technical knowledge base.

Pacific Urethanes Technical Director, Gerard Murray

Pacific Urethanes has been actively developing strong technical relationships with our key raw materials suppliers. This allows early access to new materials and technology which our experienced development chemists include in our UrePacâ„¢ systems.

We continuously listen to our customers to better understand their challenges so that we are able to jointly develop solutions for their business.

New products will always require new application processes to optimise their performance. Our applications specialists use their over 100 years of experience to develop enhanced production capabilities.

Pacific Urethanes products includes systems for polyurethane and polyisocyanurate foams which can be sprayed, injected or moulded into high performance thermal insulation materials. We are leaders in cryogenic insulation with high and low density polyurethane and ployisocyanurate foam systems for LNG plants.

Our Cast elastomer systems for sound and vibration absorption, filtration, wear resistant coatings and waterproofing products are very successful for these highly specialised applications.

Pacific Urethanes single and two component systems for adhesive and binding applications, sports surfaces and electrical encapsulation are well known as leading polyurethane formulations.
Pacific Urethanes Laboratory Technician, Lisa Code

The polyurethane market is growing at almost double that of global GDP. Demand for downstream polyurethane formulations is strong and we expect this to continue into the future.

The Technical Capability of Pacific Urethanes is well positioned to meet your future polyurethane system requirements. The newly combined team is ready for the challenge. We look forward to your call.

For more information please contact our National Sales Manager, Matthew Slatyer on 0413 052 255 or at