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Injecting Life into Infrastructure

Leak Seal

Seal leaks in concrete or masonry with crack injection and curtain grouting of our Prime Flex polyurethanes and AR acrylate resins. Prime Resins offers superior solutions for stopping leaks in every type of environment.

Soil Stabilisation

Sound concrete relies on a sound substrate. Stabilize soils and fill voids with our polyurethane and acrylate foams and gels. We make chemical grouts for permeation and compaction grouting in wet and dry conditions. Whether the project involves a seawall repair or an airport runway, there is a Prime Resins product that can do the job.

Slab Lifting

Slab lifting and slab stabilization with polyurethane foams offers many advantages over traditional mudjacking. Only Precision Lift is engineered to tackle underlying issues and slab lifting with precise, dependable results.

Structural Repair

Extend the life of concrete structures by repairing them with our Prime Rez and Prime Gel lines of epoxy injection resins and adhesives. Bonding concrete and anchoring construction materials, including dowel bars and anchor bolts, are among the primary uses.