• Peter Brooksbank
    Non Executive Director, Chairman

    Peter works in a non-executive director capacity for 5 privately-owned companies, and is a shareholder in 4 of them. He is a former senior executive of Orica (28 years service) and Huntsman Australia, and a former board member of the industry association, PACIA.

  • Jim Hall
    Non Executive Director

    Jim is also a non-executive director and shareholder of another private company and has other investment interests. He is a former senior executive of BASF (32 years service), and for a period was responsible for BASF Australia’s polyurethane business.

  • Ron Forsyth
    Chief Financial Officer

    Ron has over 40 years experience in manufacturing industry in Finance, Governance and Strategic Planning within large public companies and US subsidiaries. Ron has served on executive boards with Siddons, Pacific Dunlop/Goodyear, Rocklea Spinning and was director/secretary of each of Huntsman’s four businesses in Australia.

  • Owen Stam
    General Manager

    Worked initially in a laboratory technical role developing his polyurethane formulating skills as well as application experience. Owen built on his technical skills by moving into customer service and then sales oriented roles, servicing large automotive and insulation customers in the Australian polyurethane industry.
    In 2008 Owen was one of three founding directors of Pacific Urethanes and was the key driver in the setup of the manufacturing and commercial functions of the business.

  • Gerard Murray
    Technical Director

    Started work at ICI Organics Division with qualifications in organic and polymer chemistry, as the Polyurethane industry started to rapidly develop. Gerard emigrated to Australia to take up a position of chief chemist at a small systems house and was a major contributor to its growth over 25 years as Technical director and Export manager establishing the company as a major supplier to the LNG insulation industry. Gerard’s focus is now on coordinating Pacific’s Research and Development, global LNG insulation projects and maintaining the companies technical edge.

  • Colin Groom
    Export Market Development Manager (ASEAN)

    Colin has over 30 years of experience in formulating and application in the Polyurethane Industry. He spent his early career in the UK with Marley Foam and W R Grace before moving to Industrial Urethanes South Africa in the early 1980’s with a focus on the automotive industry. Moving to Australia in 2001 Colin broadened his application and formulating skills to include elastomers and rigid foam systems.

  • Peter Lloyd
    Commercial Manager

    Peter has a degree in Chemistry from Swinburne University, and a post graduate degree in Business from Melbourne University. He has over 15 years’ involvement in the chemical manufacturing industry including the industrial coatings sector.  In his spare time Peter is an enthusiastic diver in and around Melbourne waters.

  • Rob Pullen
    Customer Service and Logistics

    Robert is responsible for the smooth operation of the Pacific Urethanes business, controlling raw material stocks including purchasing, processing customer orders, scheduling manufacture of UrePac systems and dispatch of finished goods. Robert is a very dedicated diligent team member with great attention to detail and customer service. These qualities influence the rest of the Pacific team and contribute to the high standard of customer service that drives the company.

  • Rachael Stam

    Rachael has been with Pacific Urethanes since its inception in 2008, and is responsible for office administration and accounts payable. Rachael also ensures that everyone in the pacific Urethanes team is meeting their ISO9001 and ISO14001 obligations.

  • Lisa Code
    Laboratory Technician

    Lisa has many years of experience in the polyurethane industry working in the laboratory and also customer service roles.  Quality Control, sample development and preparation together with general laboratory management is Lisa’s main focus.

  • Patrick Grant
    Trainee Chemist

    Patrick is an enthusiastic member or our laboratory team, whose methodical work ethic is a true asset of the company. Patrick is learning about the infinite array of applications that polyurethane chemistry has in Industry as well as everyday life.

  • Sam Crea
    Production Supervisor

    Sam is primarily responsible for the manufacture of our UrePac™ range of products and achieving our customers’ delivery targets. Sam has extensive experience in customer relations, working in exotic holiday locations such as Falls Creek and the Otway Fly.

  • Brad Evans
    Production Assistant

    Brad is our most recent addition to the team, and is responsible for helping Sam to produce our UrePac polyurethane systems. Brad is a keen musician, and is a member of a punk rock band.

  • Sadie Lilley
    SA and WA Sales Representative

    Sadie Lilley is responsible for supporting our customers in our South Australian and Western Australian markets. Sadie has a chemistry degree from Melbourne University and over 20 years of experience in technical sales in the polymers industry. Since 2001 Sadie has operated from Adelaide and has also been servicing the Perth area for many years.
    Sadie has been instrumental in improving our customer service in these areas, which is always our most important goal.