Pacific TPU


Founded in 2011, Pacific TPU is an innovative high technology company. It has developed its own technology and recipes for a broad range of thermoplastic polyurethane products (TPU). Located in the greater Los Angeles area, Pacific TPU Inc. serves the North and South American markets to provide quality products and service that meet our customers’ increasing demands.

We have caprolactone, polyester and polyether based high performance grades. Our resin maintains consistency in injection molding, extrusion, and blowing processes to create quality products in accordance with our customers’ unique specifications. Our product is widely used in a variety of industries: hot melt, cable, wire, fire hose, film, wheel, tube, footwear, mining screen, and seal, among many others.

Pacific TPU continuously widens the range and scope of material applications with the aim of developing eco-friendly, innovative, credible, and win-win solutions. All products are designed based on EU environmental standards as well as ISO certified and SGS tested.